The great thing about a New (crafting) Year

Published on 10 January 2024 at 17:18

One of the best things about the New Year for most crafters is planning new projects for the coming twelve months. 

For most of us, the first few months of the year are a quieter time as most Fairs and Markets don't really start again until Easter.  It is a time for planning; choosing, buying and sorting raw materials; checking stock levels and making new items; and working on brand new ideas.

It is exciting to plan new colourways for felt sheets and for spun yarns for 2024.  I placed an order with my favourite (and first-stop) shop for lots of lovely fibre goodies - and two days later,  just like a kid in a sweet shop, I was unpacking, giggling and going "Oooh!" at all the colourful fluffy loveliness. 

So World of Wool ( you're my champions - the ewe's knees of "fluff" providers.  So much choice; and packed and delivered really quickly.     

Right: a snapshot of my latest WoW delivery

Of course, all this new fluff means that now I have to do some work.  Adding the new delivery items into all the other fibre in my stash, I spent the next day sorting merino tops and pre-felts into colourways ready to be prepared for felt making and for spinning -  taking over the living-room floor in the process.  Stiff knees from crawling around, but so much fun!


Left: half-a-dozen colourways sorted and waiting to be prepped

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Pat Williamson
5 months ago

Oooo that all looks fab . Would be rubbing them up against my cheeks going ooo lovely