I make one-off pieces of wool felt using the wet felt method.  For each piece I blend different colours of Merino wool tops together with other natural fibres, such as silk and bamboo.  The sheets are cut into smaller panels that I hand-embroider with my own artwork designs.  These felt panels become the focus of textile wallets and cases. For example - storing sewing or lacemaking accessories and carrying them to group meet-ups;  storing knitting needles of various types - and crochet hooks; notebooks; spectacles; pencils; etc. 

My aspiration, in the William Morris ethos, is to make both beautiful and useful articles – items of portable art, if you like.

Right: Sewing accessories cases


Because the items are hand-made there is always the possibility of creating bespoke items specifically to a customer's requirements - I enjoy the challenge of making their idea a reality.


Left: A detail from a bespoke Tablet case made in March 2022



As well as all that - I blend and hand-spin my own one-off, colourful, natural fibre yarns using wool, mohair, alpaca, bamboo and silk, and other natural materials.  When I'm feeling like doing my own processing (and that's a big job!) I like to source British-produced Rare Breed sheep fleece direct from small producers; some of whom are local to me in Cheshire.  And I'm always keen to spin colourful ready-dyed or hand-painted fleece, tops or rovings  made by other artisan wool spinning and dyeing suppliers - as any keen "fluff-hoarder" knows, there's always more "preciouses"!   When I've done all that spinning, I hand-knit the yarn into accessories such as shawls, mittens, hats and fingerless mitts.

Right: "Pumpkin" woolly hats in several sizes

You can usually find me at Craft or Artisan Fairs on the Wirral and in the Chester area - I will be posting updates about where I will be during 2024 on the Events page.

I also give group talks on Feltmaking.